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Welcome to the "protectors" of Telemetry Spectrum

The International Consortium for Telemetry Spectrum (ICTS) is an international group of telemetry practitioners whose main objective is to ensure the future availability of electromagnetic spectrum for telemetering.

The ICTS is dedicated to the promotion and stimulation of technical growth in telemetering and its allied arts and sciences. Learn about and contribute to telemetry advancement. More

Fall: Annual ICTS Meeting at ITC , 25-27 October, 2022, Glendale, AZ (USA)
The ICTS will be presenting a paper at the 2022 International Telemetering Conference on Telemetry Spectrum Encroachment Update. Join us for a review of the most current status of potential threats!
Spring : ICTS Meeting at ETTC, June 2023, Toulouse (France)

Who we are: Mr. Christian Herbepin (Chairman), Mr. Scott Hoschar (Vice Chairman),and Mr. Tim Chalfant (Secretary). Our Regional Coordinators are Mr. Luc Falga (Region 1- Europe/Africa), Mr. Guy Williams (North and South America), and Mr. Jamie Presser (Asia and Oceania).

Interested in serving the international telemetry community? Concerned about WRC-23 and preserving adequate RF spectrum for scientific telemetry? contact us (!

Telemetry Band Augmentation and Harmonization: Planning for the future of International Aeronautical Test and Evaluation

One of the significant factors affecting international test and evaluation is the planning, scheduling, and utilization of aeronautical telemetry to support flight test, atmospheric research, and other scientific application requiring real-time RF communications. More »