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Want to get more involved in protecting RF spectrum for telemetry?

The ICTS offers 2 ways for you to become more active in this vital effort;


The ICTS, under charter by the International Telemetering Foundation (, is allowed to have 19 “official” voting members. Members serve as Officers, Regional Coordinators, or Technical Experts. Membership is drawn from the international telemetering community. ICTS members govern and steer the ICTS organizationally. There is no cost associated with ICTS membership. We do have several openings for members!


ICTS Associate membership is also offered free and is not limited to any specific number. Associate membership includes meeting invitations, New Flash announcements, and distribution of the annual ICTS Newsletter. Associate members are kept informed on threats and challenges so they can keep their corporations and national administrations better informed and able to represent national telemetry interest in regional and international forums.

Questions? More information on membership is included in our By-Laws (available in ICTS Documents).

Inquires for ICTS membership should be directed to .