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WRC 23 Telemetry Watch

The ICTS strives to keep it members and associates informed on international threats and challenges to RF telemetry spectrum.

The 2023 World Radiocommunications Conference (WRC 2023) will address agenda items that could affect the international telemetering community. ICTS members are encouraged to pass-on information they may have on impacts from these agenda items to and we will post that information here and in our annual Newsletter. Our goal is to keep the telemetering community aware of these threats so they keep their own national administrations informed of national impacts. As a result, we hope their national ITU representatives can make informed decisions and presentations in ITU working party and regional discussions.

Agenda Item 1.1: The international flight test community should watch WRC-23 agenda item 1.1 currently being discussed in Working Parties 5B and 5D. This agenda item (affecting 4800-4900MHz) could affect telemetry operation in Region 2 and Australia.

Accordingly, flight test telemetry users in these (and potentially other) areas that use the middle C-Band allocated by the WRC in 2007 for AMT (4400-4940 MHz) should monitor this agenda item closely.