Telemetry Band Augmentation and Harmonization: Planning for the future of International Aeronautical Test and Evaluation

Timothy A. Chalfant
Air Force Flight Test Center
Edwards AFB, CA 93524-6630
United States of America
Gerhard K.L. Mayer
85570 Markt Schwaben
Steve W. Lyons
Aberporth, UK, SA43 2BU
United Kingdom

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One of the significant factors affecting international test and evaluation is the planning, scheduling, and utilization of aeronautical telemetry to support flight test, atmospheric research, and other scientific application requiring real-time RF communications. Due to commercial spectrum encroachment and the resultant reallocation legislation in many countries, the increasing need for real-time data display and analysis is quickly becoming unsupportable in the existing bands. Harmonized international bands(s) are needed to augment existing spectrum used by telemetry practioners.

Several research efforts have increased telemetry efficiency by decreasing the amount of spectrum needed to transmit information. These techniques, promising a two to three fold increase, still can't address the need for future wide-band telemetry, which is growing exponentially. This has generated a call to look for additional radio frequency spectrum allocations to augment the existing telemetry bands.

This need is shared by the international community and has generated an agenda item for the next meeting of the World Radio-communication Conference (WRC). Due to the international impact of spectrum encroachment on telemetry users, the International Foundation for Telemetering established an information interchange forum, called the International Consortium for Telemetry Spectrum (ICTS), to support this critical requirement.

It is necessary that all telemetry users advocated for a positive response to this WRC agenda item in their meet the needs of future test and scientific programmes. Failure to gather support within individual countries will result in failure of this item and impact flight test, atmospheric research, and space launch services across the global community.

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