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 ===== ICTS Officers ===== ===== ICTS Officers =====
-Chair: ​Guy Williams ​\\+Chair: ​Christian Herbepin\\
-Vice Chair: ​Christian Herbepin ​\\+Vice Chair: ​Scott Hoschar\\
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 ===== Regional Coordinators ===== ===== Regional Coordinators =====
-Region 1 (Europe, Africa, Middle East): ​Gerhard Mayer \\+Region 1 (Europe, Africa, Middle East):Luc Falga\\
-Region 2 (Americas): ​Luis Ferando de Souza \\+Region 2 (Americas): ​Guy Williams\\
-Region 3 (Asia/​Pacific ​and Iran): Jamie Presser \\+Region 3 (Asia/​Pacific):​ Jamie Presser \\